Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg sind nicht Informationen. Das sind Menschen.

Lee Iacocca (*1924), 1979-92 CEO Chrysler Corp.

Emerald Software GmbH

Emerald Software is an independent software and consulting company, founded 1977 in Switzerland.
The headquarters in Augsburg, Germany manages all sales and support activities for its midrange and large-scale enterprise customers in Central Europe and the Benelux Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

Our core competencies:

  • Software for the management and operation of data centers (Mainframe, Open Systems and cross-platform)
  • Easy end-to-end-automation of enterprise-wide IT-processes with a single point of control (cross-platform-scheduling)
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring and alerting for IT, production processes and environmental issues
  • Data Management including Big Data Processing, Data Transformation and Migration, automated Test Data Generation and Data-Centric Protection

Our detailed english pages are currently under construction.

But we are always looking forward being contacted by you :-)

Should you like to contact our support team, please kindly use the contact details on our support page. This helps to answer any support question as quickly as possible. Thank you very much.