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Emerald & CSI auf der 9. Europäischen IT Konferenz (GSE) der Anwender von z/VSE, z/VM und Linux on System z

Termin: 19. bis 21. Oktober 2015 in Böblingen (IBM R&D Labor) und Stuttgart

Nutzen Sie auch diesmal wieder die Chance mit Emerald und CSI International (Hersteller u.a. der Produkte TCP/IP for VSE, DR.D, EPIC, FAQS uvm.) über die aktuellen Entwicklungen im VSE-Bereich zu sprechen. Sie finden uns im Aussteller-Bereich im Foyer.

Das Motto der diesjährigen Veranstaltung ist:

z/VSE - 50 years of innovation

Fifty years ago IBM launched DOS/360, the very first commercially available operating system that would run on the S/360 architecture as announced in 1964. DOS/360 was meant to be around for just a few months, may be one or two years at most. By that time, IBM had expected that DOS/360 could be replaced by OS/360 whose kernel did not fit into the rather small main memory of that S/360 hardware that existed in 1965. Here we are, fifty years later: DOS/360 has evolved into z/VSE, still serving hundreds of mission critical applications for enterprises in all industries and all geographies.

In 2007 IBM and GSE created this European working group for users exploiting z/VSE, z/VM and Linux on z Systems. Many of you might still remember the kick-off that took place in the IBM lab in Germany. Because z/VM and Linux on z Systems play such an important role in IBM’s strategy for z/VSE, it is a natural fit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of z/VSE together with exactly this group and to return to the place where it all begun, the IBM R&D Lab in Böblingen.

CSI International unterstützt auch in diesem Jahr die Veranstaltung wieder als Premiumsponsor.

Am Montag, den 19. Oktober erwartetet Sie am Nachmittag wieder ein interessanter Vortrag von CSI:

Current Updates on what’s Fresh and Available from CSI for z/VSE

Abstract: CSI has been working hard to produce new releases and updates to their extensive line of z/VSE products. Throughout the life time of z/VSE, CSI, and its predecessors, have been providing solutions and products that have played an important role in the history of the platform. This presentation will go over some of the milestones, that have lead to what is currently available. It is amazing that such a vibrant operating system platform has had such longevity, and CSI is proud to be able to continue to
provide a wide variety of platform enhancing software products.

Weitere Informationen zur Konferenz finden Sie hier: GSE Guide Share Europe

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