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Cross-platform EAI and data connectivity


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Many organizations today are faced with apparently conflicting requirements. They must implement new technology systems and architectures in order to remain competitive information must be readily available and in actionable form at all levels of the organization. At the same time they must maintain existing services, cut costs, and increase the usefulness and return on investment for their existing systems. Viaserv offers a way to achieve all of these goals.

Viaserv provides a comprehensive business integration technology for z/VSE and z/OS, melding the critical corporate information and systems on the mainframe with today’s technologies and systems. With Viaserv products, legacy systems are seamlessly incorporated into new solutions and architectures. For example, Internet and Intranet systems can access z/VSE and z/OS data; this data can be funneled into EAI and messaging systems; business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have real-time z/VSE and z/OS query and update capabilities. Systems using XML or SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) can retrieve z/VSE and z/OS data for distribution, publication, or delivery to a LAN or Web application. Mainframe applications can retrieve or update data in LAN systems. Data stores across the enterprise can be connected, so that applications have access to the latest, most accurate, most complete information no matter where it originated or where it currently resides.


Web access to z/VSE and z/OS

Your employees, your customers, and your suppliers can place orders, check on delivery, and keep up to date on policies and procedures, all through the extension of existing z/VSE and z/OS applications to the Internet.

Example applications: Web-based online voter registration


Desktop access to z/VSE and z/OS

Knowledge workers using PC applications such as Cognos Impromptu, Brio, Approach, or Business Objects, as well as applications built in PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Visual Age, and so on, can update and query z/VSE and z/OS data and even execute z/VSE and z/OS programs.

Example application: OLTP from the Desktop (An insurance company has several million lines of code contained in CICS transactions. Business rules and data processing rules are embedded in these programs. New Visual Basic applications have been written in response to recent business requirements.)

ViaSQL allows the new desktop applications to invoke the CICS transactions, passing variables and records to the mainframe and retrieving single records or result sets. ViaSQL enables a solution that is faster and easier to implement than application migration, and also more cost-effective.


EAI and Messaging Integration

ViaSQL supplies z/VSE and z/OS data to the new generation of EAI and messaging applications. On z-series platforms, ViaSQL can write XML-formatted data directly to a message queue, or to a file for pickup by the EAI system. On LAN platforms, ViaSQL can trigger a business process or supply z/VSE and z/OS connectivity to a process component.

Example application: Web-based Ordering and Message-based Order Distribution


Data staging and interchange

Many applications require moving, staging, or interchanging data from, to, or between servers or applications operating in both mainframe and LAN environments.

Example application: Every week, the regional sales figures can be moved to z/OS for enterprise-wide aggregation and analysis. z/OS data can be returned to the requesting application in either standard relational or XML format.

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