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Compression and Encryption for z/VSE and z/OS

Compression, assured encryption and distribution of System z files and reports

"Encryption software is expensive... so we just rearranged all the letters on your keyboard"


Small investment - large benefit
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Comparison for z/OS:
Comparison for z/VSE:

Migration to ZIP/390 or ZIP/VSE offers a comprehensive and future-proof product for attractive terms and outstanding support!

ZIP/390 and ZIP/VSE


ZIP/VSE and ZIP/390 facilitate high-speed secure delivery of System z information in industry standard compression, encryption and presentation formats (e.g., ZIP, PGP, CSV); ensuring cross-plattform compatibility and exploitation of widely used platform-independent technologies.


ZIP/VSE's and ZIP/390's native System z functionality is generally superior to that of other mainframe compression utilities. In addition, ZIP/VSE and ZIP/390 include a unique and innovative integrated PC Server mode (IpBridge/Connect) which delivers significantly improved performance and extended functionality.


This multi-purpose tool provides additional functionality for further improving the delivery, ease-of-use and value of System z data.


Data Compression

ZIP/VSE and ZIP/390 deliver WinZip, PKZIP and GZIP Compatible Compression

Average compression of 85% to 95% reduces transmission time, bandwidth usage and storage requirements by the same factor. Reduced transmission time shrinks the batch window, lowers the odds of costly transmission failures and related job reruns. CRC-Checking adds a level of certification that all data has been received properly... before it is used.


Data Encryption

ZIP/VSE and ZIP/390 deliver WinZip, PKZIP and PGP Strong Encryption

Ensures that compressed data is secure during both transmission and storage and opens the way to the use of public networks in place of more costly and difficult to implement private networks (e.g., leased lines and VPN's).


Automated delivery of Mainframe reports to email inboxes and servers in popular formats

ZIP/VSE and ZIP/390 deliver files and reports as Adobe PDF, delimited-text, and other formats.

Delivering System z information as PDF or delimited files increases value, productivity and ease-of-use for end-users and reduces cost and logistics for IS. Pushing reports directly to users email inboxes reduces printing and delivery costs while improving delivery speed.


High speed file transfer

ZIP/VSE and ZIP/390 provide an alternative to FTP which is two to three times faster with transparent CRC-checking and strong encryption.

Transfer files to and from the mainframe at speeds two to three times faster than FTP. Initiate in-line network processes to act upon data delivered from the mainframe.


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