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Seamless Extensions of TSO/E REXX

The REXX programming language is widely used for Rapid Application Development, Decision support, Executive Information Systems, and Automation. REXX is easy to learn and maintain, almost self-documenting and very efficient. Programs built with REXX are simple to maintain when compared with COBOL, PL/1 and assembler.


REXXTOOLS/MVS adds access method interfaces, plus many REXX language extensions that greatly increase the functionality of the REXX language.


REXXTOOLS/MVS is a collection of interfaces and facilities designed to expand the range of applications that may be implemented in REXX.

Many of the REXXTOOLS functions and host commands provide access to vital system services and data stores.


REXXTOOLS manages the tedious details of storage allocation and data conversion, freeing the programmer to concentrate on the requirements of the application. Where necessary, REXXTOOLS maintains a task-level context between function calls and host commands. By doing so, it is able to conserve and reuse the system resources it allocates on the application's behalf. For example, system service modules such as IDCAMS, are loaded just once per MVS task. REXXTOOLS saves module addresses so that subsequent invocations proceed more quickly. For the DB2 interfaces, the amount of contextual information saved by REXXTOOLS is extensive, yielding a significant boost in application performance.


In addition to the system service interfaces, REXXTOOLS augments the data manipulation capabilities of the REXX language with functions, host commands, and utilities.


REXXTOOLS may be used in REXX/MVS (interpreted REXX) or REXX/370 (compiled REXX) programs. Please see "Sample Applications" for complete examples of REXXTOOLS programming.


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REXXTOOLS/MVS Feature Highlights

REXXTOOLS/MVS contains three separate components:

Basic Services and Dynamic and Static SQL


Component features include

Basic Services

  • REXX Interpretive Compiler
  • Dynamic Allocation
  • REXX extension functions
  • MVS & TSO Service Functions
  • APPC/MVS and TCP/IP aids for client/server enablement

Dynamic and Static SQL Services

  • Dynamic SQL Component
  • Static SQL Component
  • DB2 V2-V8 support
  • True Static SQL
  • Portability between components
  • "Formula One" performance
  • Multi-row & single row Fetch



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What Can You Do With REXXTOOLS/MVS?


Perform Common Programming Tasks Quickly and Easily

REXXTOOLS/MVS can be used to perform many common programming tasks quickly and easily. For example, you can use it to:


1. Create Internet Applications
REXXTOOLS/MVS can be used in REXX-based CGI scripts for popular MVS-based web servers, including IBM's Internet Connection Secure Server (ICSSI).

In addition, REXXTOOLS can be used with the RXSOCKET function of IBM TCP/IP to create applications using Internet protocols.


2. Create Client/Server Applications
REXX and REXXTOOLS/MVS are fully integrated into ISPF. REXXTOOLS lets you build applications to display and share VSAM and DB2-hosted data in hours instead of weeks.


3. Create System Automation Applications
REXXTOOLS is used in all of the major MVS automations packages. In these environments, corporations are using REXXTOOLS to develop automated trouble ticketing, exception logging, and data warehouse applications.


4. Create Bridge Applications
REXXTOOLS is often used to bridge gaps between vendor products and in-house applications. Since it provides access to a wide range of data stores, REXXTOOLS has been used with vendor products as diverse as CA-Endevor and Soft Switch.


5. Perform Year 2000 and Euro Currency Conversions
The REXXTOOLS access methods, data conversion and formatting routines make quick work of file conversions.


6. Write Batch Reports
REXX and REXXTOOLS/MVS can be used in batch jobs and started tasks to produce ad hoc and production reporting job streams. The REXXTOOLS currency formatting routine, D2PIC, provides the REXX programmer with the same support for number formatting as is available in COBOL.


7. Improve System Performance
The highly efficient REXXTOOLS ALLOCATE command can be used to replace TSO ALLOCATESs in your logon execs. Corporations that have implemented this change report savings that can justify the cost of REXXTOOLS in a matter of months. The ALLOCATE has also been combined with the REXXTOOLS interpretive compiler to do dynamic allocations from COBOL programs.


8. Create Custom Utilities
Many corporations have found that REXXTOOLS can be used to augment, and in some cases replace, expensive ISV-supplied utilities. In particular, our customers tell us that report writing using the REXXTOOLS Dynamic DB2/SQL is, in most cases, easier and performs better than equivalent most high priced ISV utilities.


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REXXTOOLS/MVS is the world's leading REXX extension product for the MVS operating system and is highly regarded for exceptional performance, functionality, and quality.

REXXTOOLS/MVS is no imitation. It was the first commercial general purpose MVS based REXX toolkit ever developed, and it keeps getting better. You can be sure that REXXTOOLS/MVS is feature-rich, well designed, highly optimized, and exceptionally stable.

Through the years, the price of REXXTOOLS/MVS has been kept low, yet new features have been continuously added. Many corporations have told us that REXXTOOLS/MVS is one of the best bargains they have ever purchased.


Easy To Use
REXXTOOLS/MVS was developed as a seamless extension of IBM's REXX language. You do not need special modifications or system authorizations to install and begin using REXXTOOLS functions and Host Command environments. Its clean architecture ensures upward compatibility so you don't waste your investment.


Commitment to Quality
REXXTOOLS/MVS has a well deserved world-wide reputation for being error free. Your business can count on it.


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Frequently Asked Questions


This section provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about REXXTOOLS/MVS and REXX. (Links zur Produktseite des Herstellers)



Why Should I Use REXX?


In What Environments is REXXTOOLS/MVS Used?


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Case Studies


This section describes how some of our customers are using REXXTOOLS/MVS to solve real-world, line-of-business problems. (Links zur Produktseite des Herstellers)

Inter-bank Funds Transfer Application

Source Library Management and Control

Insurance Claim Error Correction

NetView-based Help Desk

CA-Endevor "Bridge" Application

EDI Transaction Processing

RACF-to-DB2 Help Desk Application

DB2 Application Error Checking

DB2 Application Testing


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Compatibility & Prerequisites



REXXTOOLS/MVS Version 7.1.1 or higher:

  • z/OS® Version 1.11 and lower
  • DB2® Version 8 and higher (regardless of z/OS Version)

REXXTOOLS/MVS Versions 6.1.1 and 5.1.4:

  • z/OS Version 1.8 and lower
  • DB2 Version 7 and lower



z/OS, MVS/ESA, and OS/390 are supported

  • MVS/ESA 4.3 or higher required for APPC/MVS features.
  • REXX sockets samples require IBM TCP/IP Version 3.1 or higher.

TSO/E Version 2.1 or higher
DB2 Version 2.2 through 8 required for Dynamic and Static DB2 SQL components.

  • Installation can take as little as 30 minutes, depending on the type of installation you chose. The installation does not require any special authorization or system modification.
  • Installation of REXX-DB2 interfaces require BIND ADD authority.
  • REXXTOOLS/MVS functions run in problem state.
  • REXXTOOLS/MVS is shipped via e-mail

For up-to-date information please check the vendors website:

Compatibility & Prerequisites


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What's New in Version 7 Release 2


Basic Services:

A new facility for managing events with REXX programs, RXTEVENT, is provided. RXTEVENT may be run as a started task or a batch job.


Version 2 message descriptors MQMD are now supported and are the default for the REXX MQSERIES Interface.


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